Saturday, June 4, 2011

Story behind Imaging Stories

This is my 1st post without photo

My initial thought of starting this blog was sharing my point of views, thoughts & crazy ideas since I enjoy seeing things from different directions & thinking in different shoes.

To share my brain's message here requires typing & grammar checking which is kinda time consuming & higher risk of being misunderstood.  So this blog was frozen for more than 6 months. 

I always think that in life, though we have choices, yet everything seems fated & happened for a reason.
Most importantly, we should be grateful of what we have now, at least you one of the lucky ones able to read this.

Imaging Stories restarted with a different objective -  To share what I see & your brain tells your own story with the pictures.  Some images may have more direct messages, some may brought you back your long lost old memories, & hopefully most of the photos will make you think that 

Olympus Camera rocks! 


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